Take Wing Air

We have suspended our ash scattering

flights for an indefinite period.

Our plane was seriously damaged in a ground accident recently.

We may be able to refer you to another agency


This is a sad day for us all and it will be some time, if ever, before we are back in the air again.


Cremated Remains Aerial Ash Scattering over land or sea.
    Performed with the same respect and dignity I provided for my parents.

Thank you for visiting our web page. This is the source for all the information you need to scatter the cremated remains, cremains, or ashes of your family member, friend, loved one, or pet at sea, or over land or mountains. Take Wing Air offers affordable, low cost ash scatterings in a variety of manners. We are a trusted provider of ash scattering services in the New York and New England area. Our services are FAA approved. I am a commercially rated pilot with more than 30 years of flying experience. My company’s services involve aerial ash scattering by airplane, however we can assist you in finding services for scattering ashes at sea by boat, cruise ship, catamaran, or by hand. Take Wing Air has been featured in several area newspapers and funeral home/mortuary professional publications. The links to these articles are available on our Facebook page.

We are a full service ash scattering company and can honor special requests in the ceremony such as music, flowers, personal phone calls, prayers, readings, aircraft flyovers, and witnessings. A memorial service can also be arranged with a flyover at any location. We also provide services to scatter the cremated remains of your beloved pets in a dignified and professional manner over the land or over the ocean. By request we can scatter the ashes of family members such as couples, children or friends at the same time and location. We will send the family or friend requesting the service a picture of the scattering location and a certificate documenting where the scattering took place. Many consider aerial ash scattering to be the ultimate green funeral; having a loved one’s ashes dispersed by air over land or sea is a true return to nature.

We have answers to all your questions regarding our ash scattering services. We are confident that you will find our services to be personal, respectful, and professional. Please chose from the menu bar or links at the top of the page to navigate through our web site. Please also feel free to contact me if you need more information or to arrange for delivery of remains.  Thank you.


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