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Ash (Cremation) Scattering by Air


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Take Wing Air is your source for affordable ash scatterings over land or sea.  We  are able to distribute the ashes of your loved ones over any number of standard locations, or a special location of your choosing. We are a trusted provider of  ash distribution services for the New York and New England area. Our  commercially rated pilots have over 60 years of combined aviation  experience and our twin engine airplane is specially outfitted to  distribute cremated remains in a safe and dignified manner.  This was my parents’ wish and I did it for them.  Please click here to read my story.

Take Wing Air is also partnered with companies in Florida and California to whom we are happy to refer you. 

We are a  full service company and can honor special requests such as music,  flowers, personal phone call, prayers, readings, aircraft fly-overs, etc. We can also combine ashes and distribute them together. We will  send you a picture of the scattering location along with a signed and  witnessed certificate documenting when and where the scattering took  place. We can notify you just prior to flight if requested.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a dispersal. Please also visit our other tabs for videos, FAQs, and other information about our service.


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