How We Started

Take Wing Air

I learned to fly when I was in graduate school back in the late 70's. I've been an avid aviator ever since; I love the joy of flight. After getting my private pilot’s license, I went on to gather many more endorsements and certificates, including my commercial pilot's license. 


 My parents were always impressed that I learned to fly. They grew up in a time when aviation was something special and somewhat mysterious. Truth in fact, aviation today is nothing like the barnstorming of years ago. It's really not any more mysterious than driving a car, but my parents were impressed nonetheless.


 My Dad passed away many years ago, my Mom died years later. They were both cremated and it was always their wish that I scatter their ashes over Long Island Sound in New York. There was a lot of family history there and the place was special to them both. How could I not grant their last wish? 


 Before the flight, I practiced with various methods and material, and consulted with other ash scattering firms and with an aeronautical engineer; I wanted to make sure this worked out right. When the day came, we boarded the plane and headed for Long Island. As we reached the middle of the sound, I gave my sister the go-ahead and she released their ashes together. It was a perfect day, it was a perfect flight; it offered perfect closure for both of us.


 I discussed this with my sister and we both felt that making this into a business was a great idea. Henceforth, the ash dispersal division of Take Wing Air was born. Now, along with the co-owner of our twin-engine Beech Baron, we offer this service as a commercial venture. Between the two of us there are over 60 years of flying experience. I know how important this service is for family and friends because I've done it for my family. I promise to handle your loved one with care and integrity.



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