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So, I’m trying to “rebrand” myself. We’ve been in business now since 2011 for pilot services and have been doing aerial ash scattering of cremated remains for over a year now with great success.

I’ve heard from so many of our past clients “I never knew such a service existed” or “I’ve been searching for someone like you.” 

I made the decision to contact a marketing firm to help me move our aerial ash scattering service forward and have received some very good suggestions.

This tab will continue to grow with videos and pictures as I promote the site and service.

I especially want to show an in flight video of an ash dispersal (using simulated ashes, like sand) and some pictures of how we modified the aircraft to allow this process in a dignified manner.

I also plan on uploading an actual flight track with a clickable link.

If you have any suggestions, please email me at

For now, please visit our Facebook page. I have videos and published news articles. Click the link below and a new window will open.

Stay tuned, thanks very much for your help and suggestions. 

Our site is now featured at Everlife Memorials. If you are looking for cremation urns, please consider Everlife Memorials.

                     Click the above logo to visit
     Everlife Memorials (logo by permission of Everlife Memorials)

Everlife Memorial has a wealth of information including a very good write-up on aerial ash release of cremated remains. Please click HERE to be redirected to their site (a new window will open) and read more about how reputable aviation companies perform this in a safe and dignified manner.


The picture above shows the special chute used to safely scatter ashes from the aircraft. We may very likely be the only aircraft in the world to employ this method that ensures the ashes drift down and away from the plane. There is no danger of ashes scattering back into the cockpit or ending up on the side of the plane as can sometimes happen if not done correctly.

Our chute creates a slight negative pressure in the cockpit that helps ashes flow down and out, there is never any blow-back.

I hired an FAA designated engineering representative (DER) to design the vent chute and the installation was signed off by an approved FAA maintenance facility.

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