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Cremated Remains Scattering Procedure:

1) When you have formally decided to use our services we will start a log of your call. This log includes the date, the name of the person requesting a scattering, the name of the decedent, Funeral home (if applicable), when the cremains will be ready for pick-up or shipment to us and the date Take Wing Air received the cremains. You will be required to fill out and sign an authorization form and include it in the shipment. We request that remains be shipped to the PO Box in our contact us page via US Postal service using “Priority Mail, Express” flat rate box.  We prefer the post office because it ensures the package will be kept inside and safe until we pick it up. The US Postal service is the only accepted way to ship cremated remains.  You may also check with your (or any) Funeral Director who very likely will be able to do this for you. Do NOT ship without contacting us first!

2) The cremains are prepared a day or two prior to scattering.  The paperwork is checked for location of the scattering, any tags or identifying markers are removed and retained.  The name of the decedent and location of the scattering is written on the cremation scattering container and placed into a box sorted by location. Each decedents name is checked off on our log to ensure that no remains are left unaccounted.

3) The cremains are taken to the airport and loaded into the airplane.  We utilize a twin-engine Beech Baron.  All flights have a witness.  Either I or my co-owner will pilot the plane while the other attends to the secure dispersal of the decedent. The crew member responsible for dispersal will also note the latitude and longitude of the location as derived from a satellite GPS system.

4) Upon completion the urns are inspected to ensure that all names and identification are removed and they are then discarded.

5) Within a few days of the flight the certificate will be printed and mailed to the family member and/or the Funeral home. The certificate is signed and witnessed.

6) If the scattering was done over ocean waters the EPA is notified per federal regulation and all necessary paperwork is filed by us. All flights are FAA approved.

Every effort is made to safeguard the dignity of our services.  Each set of cremains is treated with the utmost respect and care. I did this for my family and I promise I will provide the same care for yours. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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